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Welcome to my 10-day challenge!

Thank you for coming here ! I am Laetitia, the host of this podcast challenge.

If you're a podcaster: Help me get 100 episodes in 10 days 😇


About this podcast

  • The purpose of this podcast is to gather 100 stories from podcasters, listen to their journey, methods and tips!

  • The 100 episodes are divided into 10 topics, where many guests can take part in same the interview. Of course, every story is different!

  • This interview is recorded asynchronously in Rumble Studio, where the host and the guest do not have a live conversation.

  • By being a guest on this show, you will be featured in the Rumble Studio newsletter, on our social media and everywhere!

  • This is an opportunity to let the world know about you and your podcast, and share your podcasting stories, tips and tricks. Promote your show on this new podcast!

  • You don't need to prepare anything or schedule a call to record. All you need is your device and a connection.
    In about 10 minutes from now, you will be a guest on this show! Simple as that 😎
Topic 1


Did your podcast fade away? Tell us what happened, what you learned and where you are now!


Topic 2

Daily Releases

Do you now release 1 episode per day? Tell us more how do you stay consistent and the challenges you faced along the way!


Topic 3

Content Volume

Have you released a good amount of episodes so far? Are you proud of the content you've put out? Tell us all about it!


Topic 4

Big Name Guests

Have you ever hosted a hard-to-reach guest? A celebrity, an influencer, a professional, or a role model perhaps? Share your stories with us!


Topic 5

Community Engagement

Do you have a community that you built from your podcast? Share some of your methods and secrets with us!


Topic 6

Audience Growth

You have many listeners and you're proud of the number? Tell us who are they and how did you get them!


Topic 7

Content Planning & Question Writing

How do you come up with your topics and how do you write your questions for the guests? Every podcaster has his/her methods, tell us yours!


Topic 8

Time Spent

Are you much faster in creating podcasts now? Have you developed a creation process that allows you to produce more episodes in less time? Share your story with us!


Topic 9


Are you a podcast editor? Are you a host and you edit your own episodes? Tell us more!


Topic 10

General Survey

Are you a podcaster or a podcast listener? Participate in this audio survey, I guarantee you it's just you giving your short and valuable opinions!


Choose any topic!

I guarantee you that the questions are easy, short, and it will only be about you telling us your stories.

You don't need to prepare anything or schedule a call to record.

In about 10 minutes from now, you will be a guest on this show! 

Don't leave this page without being a guest... help me succeed in this personal challenge! Thank you 💛

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