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How to Increase Your Podcast Guest Appearances. Here's Podchaser’s View

There’re many positive outcomes from guest podcasting but if you can’t put your foot in the door, you won’t rip from the benefits of these interviews.


Guest podcasting seen as a marketing tool

Whether you’re promoting a certain product or service, developing your personal brand, or even starting your podcast, being a guest on a podcast is a must. There’s something that changes in the listener’s mind when they hear you talk. The audience perceives you differently. They look at you as someone more important than before. You’re now silently praised as an expert in your field.

But it’s not easy to get in front of that audience you seek. A podcast wants to showcase high-quality content to its listeners and you might not make the cut. Some are more restrictive than others, but the issue remains: how to get invited to a podcast and get your voice heard?

Luckily, we might be able to answer this question with valuable insights from Trent Anderson, head of publisher partnerships at the world’s most comprehensive podcast database, Podchaser. From our interview with Trent on our Audio Lead podcast series, we’re able to tackle this issue and offer some guidance to get you in front of the right audience. Here’s what you need to know.

Become valuable with a unique Point of View (POV)

Podcasts are looking for people that can add value to their shows.

The first stage is to position yourself in a specific niche. You delimit a space where you can address particular problems and where you know your expertise will come in handy. Think of the types of companies having these issues and how you help them solve these challenges.

But it’s not enough to position yourself in that space, you have to develop a special point of view where people can easily identify you and differentiate you from others. Trent confesses that it’s difficult to craft at first, but once established it will help you stand out.

So what does it entail? Your POV shows listeners a better way to solve these challenges and describes your vision for those issues. A POV is not something you just create out of thin air. It’s derived from all the work you did in researching, analyzing, gathering insights, and executing your ideas. Thanks to the effort you’ve put in, you have developed strong points of view backed by real-world evidence.

The 7 key features of crafting a POV

To secure guest appearances, Trent works with his clients to achieve the following 7 elements:

  1. Focus on concepts rather than people: as Eleanor Roosevelt stated “great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”
  2. Question conventional wisdom: go the extra mile and challenge ideas that are said over and over again without ever being tested.
  3. Captivate specific audiences and reject others: some people will strongly be attracted to your message and others will not relate at all. If they remain neutral, you haven’t engaged them enough with your vision.
  4. Live an emotional imprint: people need to connect with you on an emotional level to engage with your ideas.
  5. Solve a real problem: the audience and potential customers will more easily relate to you if you’re addressing their earthly needs (instead of dealing in castles in the sky).
  6. Offer a real solution: people want answers to their needs, something that can take with them from your interviews.
  7. Support your POV with practical evidence: if your solutions are not backed by real-world proof, it won’t matter how nice they sound.

With these critical features, you will leave a powerful impression on every podcast you go to.

An alternative to increase your guest appearances

Sometimes you need an extra push to get started in guest podcasting; this is where Podchaser can help you out.

They help people get onto the right podcasts in their niche while also lending a hand towards podcasts to find fantastic guests for their show. With their vast database and network, they can help people and businesses with their content strategy by tapping into the world of podcasting. Their clients get in front of an earned audience someone else built, the podcast gets valuable content, and the audience gets to enrich their lives. A win-win situation.

Plus, they help their clients with the tedious work of promoting their guest appearance with social distribution, repurposing their content (e.g. on their website), and thus amplifying their message. So if you need that additional help, they can support your marketing journey.


There’re many positive outcomes from guest podcasting but if you can’t put your foot in the door, you won’t rip from the benefits of these interviews. In our podcast episode with Trent, we got some useful insights into how people can boost their chances of getting invited into podcasts and share their unique messages with new audiences.

If you’re interested in getting that extra push to reach new podcasts and help you get booked in them, you can ask Podchaser to do it for you. They’ll find you the right podcasts, gather information on them, and assist you in writing a personalized pitch for you. They’ve done this more than a thousand times so you’re in good hands!

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