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Audio Content Marketing

The Future Is Screenless: Welcome to the World of Audio!

Given our current overly saturated relationship with visual technology, people are finding new ways to connect with the world.


A world driven by audio

We spend so much time in front of our tech devices that it’s no wonder people are getting fatigued with screens. Marketers are realizing this visual oversaturation and are looking for alternatives that can help them engage with their audience more strongly. And here’s where the audio comes in.

Driven by her passion and work as a voice-over actress, Jodi Krangle unwraps the ways brands use sound to meet their goals in her podcast called “Audio Branding: the hidden gem of marketing”. Her walk-through on topics like voice AI, audio NFTs, and the healing power of sound can help you realize how important this medium is and will be in the future. We had a talk with Jodi on our podcast and this is what we learned. If you needed a wake-up call into pursuing an audio career, here it is.

Towards a screen-less future

People spend more than half of their time in front of screens (phones, laptops, TV, etc.), according to a survey in the UK. If you add all this up, it would amount to 34 years of staring at screens throughout your lifetime (on average).

It’s a lot of time! And it has a heavy toll on us. Too much time in front of your desktop, laptop, phone, or TV tends to have negative effects on your eyes, sleep, weight, learning, social skills, and mental well-being.

We need to find new ways to interact with the world around us and this is where sound steps in. In fact, people are already turning towards an audio-driven future:

This is partly why brands should think about audio and Jodi is there to constantly show us the importance of having sound as part of their strategy from the very beginning of any project.

Sound in marketing

Jodi realized that many of her clients were using her voice at the end of the branding process.  The sound came as the icing on the cake. But it shouldn’t be.

Brands should think about audio from the start. And this means that they have to take into account all sound-related aspects when interacting with their customers:

  • Voice timbre: in trailers, announcements, guidebooks, and even training videos.
  • Sound design: in podcasts, ads, apps, websites, and stores.
  • Sonic logo: in short and long format ads, corporate videos, client presentations, and wherever it seems a good fit.
  • Music collaborations: with unknown or mainstream bands for fundraising, TV commercials, meet & greet sessions, etc.

And so much more!

As Jodi states, “an audience would forgive bad video, but they won’t forgive bad sound”.

Sound is an essential part of how we perceive a brand. Sound influences our perception and behavior towards the brand whether it’s consciously or unconsciously. It’s a powerful tool, we just need to learn how to use it.

Benefits of doing a podcast

Another way to bring audio to a brand is by giving a voice to the company through a podcast. Jodi has seen several benefits from making her own podcast that also apply to a brand:

  •       Connect with your customers: with audio, you can create a deeper connection with your audience and a podcast helps you enhance that experience. It’s a more intimate medium and people can even enjoy it even while they do other chores.
  •       Become an authority on the topic: by talking about relevant topics to your customers they start to perceive you as a strong and trustful figure in that area. They’ll come to you when needed.
  •       Marketing your brand: people are fed up with all the ads and pop-ups that overstimulate them during the day so finding entertaining and/or educational content through another medium will help your message get across more effectively.

In a screen-saturated environment, audio content is becoming an attractive alternative that people can go to and rest from their hyperstimulated lives.


Given our current overly saturated relationship with visual technology, people are finding new ways to connect with the world. Podcasts, audio-driven social platforms, and other audio elements offer a different way to consume content and for brands to reach their customers. In her podcast, Jodi explores the innovative ways in which companies use audio to add value to people all around the world. The audio possibilities become endless.  

Jodi’s podcast “Audio Branding: the hidden gem of marketing” offers us a glimpse into the future of audio. She helps us see how sound affects our lives in ways we don’t even know of. In addition, brands are realizing the potential of sound and are tapping into the power of audio to reach their customers more effectively. You shouldn’t miss our interview with her!

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