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Audio Content Marketing

Why create a business podcast?

Here are some of the many reasons why companies add audio to their marketing mix.

Here are some of the many reasons why companies add audio to their marketing mix.

🔊 Your customers are listening

There are now over 1 million podcasts on the Apple Podcasts, and the number is growing at 38% CAGR. People are consuming more audio content than ever before, and attention is shifting from the eyes to the ears.

Technologies including smart speakers (e.g. Amazon Alexa), voice search (e.g. Google), streaming services (e.g. Spotify) have catalysed this growth.

Businesses need to be where their customers are, and many have taken note. In fact, 22% of US companies will use podcasts for marketing in 2020, and will spend in excess of $1B in 2021 on podcast marketing.

More and more businesses wish to reach customers using their own voice, and produce audio of their own. They know that audio is the most effective content for building authority, trust, and leads. Indeed, content marketing is the most cost-efficient form of marketing, and is itself growing at 17% CAGR.

However, audio has traditionally been too time consuming or expensive to produce for many businesses. Now, with the launch of tools such as Rumble Studio, businesses can create audio content as quickly as writing a blog post, and reach their customers on the new generation of audio channels.

Here are some of the many reasons why companies add audio to their marketing mix.

🙋 Customer benefits

Connect with your customers

- High quality content provides real value to your customers. Stand out from the noise of low quality content marketing.
- Audio is intimate, and commands attention. Your message is more powerful, and listeners retain information for longer.
- People spend more time with podcasts than with video, giving you more time to engage potential customers.

Improve brand loyalty

- A business podcast is a repeat touch point for your audience. Customers opt-in to hear from you on a regular basis.
- Regular listening habit creates brand affinity and loyalty, reinforcing the bond with customers.

Build trust and authority

- Quickly become known as the go-to company in your industry niche.
- Demonstrate your credibility by sharing your expertise and being helpful.
 -Consistently interview high quality guests; their experience and prestige rubs off on your brand.
- It’s easier to sell to people who already trust you.

Become a big fish in a small pond

- There may be 1M+ podcasts out there, but there are only 250K active podcasts with 10+ episodes.
- Becoming a trusted voice in your field is far easier with podcasts than it is on YouTube.

🛍️ Sales & marketing benefits

Grow your brand awareness and top of funnel traffic

- New customers will discover your business via your podcast
- Establish a presence on audio channels, and appear in search results.

Educate your customers for faster onboarding

- Audio is a highly effective customer education tool, surpassing video.
- Great for millennial buyers who prefer to research products independently
- Prospects and clients come prepared and require less hand-holding, making the onboarding process faster.
- Ideal for industries with expensive churn / high customer value e.g. B2B SaaS, real estate, legal and financial services.

Attract your dream customers

- Podcast listeners are highly educated and high earners; 20% earn $100,000+ per year
- 60% buy products they heard about on a podcast

Promote your products

- Sparingly introduce new products and offers on your show

🎙️ Content benefits

Cheaper, faster and easier to produce than video content

- Creating audio is as quick and easy as writing a blog post, with Rumble Studio.

Maximise the ROI of content creation

- Establish an audio-first content pipeline, from which other content is derived
- Repurpose your audio in many ways: embed client testimonials on your website, convert to videos for social media, write blog posts and more

Reach your audience in ways other content cannot

- Audio consumption is hands-free, so customers can listen in the car, at the gym, anywhere.
- Accessible on-demand via voice interfaces e.g. smartphones & smart speakers

Integrates well with other digital marketing efforts

- Promote audio via your social me dia channels
- Build your email list

🔍 SEO benefits

Podcasts are discoverable in organic search results

- Your podcast episodes can be returned in response to search queries
- Google is prioritising audio as a first-class citizen in SERPs

Google rewards those who create engaging content

- Audio content on-site increases time spent on-site, boosting rankings
- Content diversity on-site helps improve search rankings of web pages
- Sites with a consistent flow of fresh content tend to have higher rankings and higher CTRs

✅ More benefits

Offer value to partners for a win-win

- Invite partners onto the show to give them exposure to your audience and grow their reach.
- Your guests will promote the episode to their followers, exposing your brand to their audience.

Talent acquisition

- Podcasts advertise your brand values, which attracts the right kind of employees

Generate new ideas

- Researching questions for guests involves collecting new information, stimulating idea generation in your team.

Improves media training skills

- Asking and answering questions builds media skills in your team.

What do you think?

If a podcast has helped your business, or you can think of other benefits of creating audio content, let us know! If you’re looking for a tool to help you make a business podcast quickly and easily, check out Rumble Studio.

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