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🇺🇸 How To Edit Asynchronous or Remote Interviews - Markly Morrison

The most challenging episode was when one of his guests recorded remotely on speakerphone. Spoiler alert: nobody noticed after editing, so that's a win.

Markly Morrison lives in Olympia, Washington, and he’s a radio host. He is also the producer and the host of his own show Low Profile with Markly Morrison.

The most challenging episode for him was when one of his guests recorded remotely. The goal there was that the listener would hear the guest and the host’s voices like they were in the same room. The problem with that was that Markly didn't realize the guest had him on speaker phone. So with me Markly the US and the guest in the Uk talking over the telephone, there was quite a bit of delay. Listen to the rest of his story, spoiler alert: nobody noticed, so that's a win.

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