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🇦🇱 How To Reach Big-Name Guests - Eris Lazri

Eris Lazri shares his methods in how he reaches big-name guests, from friends and connections, to cold emailing, to going to events, to platforms…

Eris Lazri, from Albania, has a digital marketing agency and he has a podcast called “Kaizen With Eris” where his aim is to interview big-name guests about growth! He has interviewed Jim McMahan, president of Benchmark Mortgage, where in his career as a Senior Loan Officer, Jim personally closed over 5,000 transactions worth close to $1.5 billion in loan originations. Anyways, you get the picture, he’s a hard-to-reach guest! 

Eris says it’s all about connections and finding the right platforms where his potential guests hangout. Another way to find those guests is to go to events, events, and a lot of events! His response rate when sending cold emails is very low, but when he becomes his guest’s friend first and meets them live, he says the rate is 7 to 8 out of 10!

Listen to how this young podcaster tries to aim high with his guests!

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