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Storytelling with Branded Podcasts - Marvin Jacobs, Airborne

Marvin Jacobs, creative director and cofounder of Airborne, explains how a branded podcast can turn into a branding instrument with exemplary storytelling.

Marvin Jacobs is the creative director and co-founder of Airborne, an audio agency based in the Netherlands that helps companies use branded podcasts to connect with customers through compelling stories.
Marvin is passionate about storytelling, and explains the crucial role of storytelling in podcasts. He also shares his process for identifying the most interesting topics that the brand and its listeners have in common.
Airborne creates unique branded podcasts that are incredibly immersive and make listeners feel as though they are part of an extraordinary experience. We cover a number of examples of Airborne’s work, including Journey, an original podcast produced for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.


  • Storytelling through podcasts is an art that takes a lot of time and effort, but is worth it because it results in a loyal and engaging audience in the long term.
  • Airborne helps brands create new associations by finding an interesting domain to tackle when they want to create a podcast.
  • Branded podcasts are in fact branding instruments. Brands should value quality over quantity while creating a podcast of their own.
  • Loyal listeners will turn into loyal consumers if they feel like they have a personal relationship with the brand.

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