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The Fiction Format in Podcasting - Laurent Brouat, L’apprenti

Laurent Brouat is a former business owner that decided to launch a fiction format podcast, which is called “L’apprenti” or “The Apprentice” in English.

Fiction is all about creating stories, portraying people, events, or places in ways that are imaginary, or at least not strictly based on fact. All creations come from ideas. So then, how to turn your idea into reality, and launch your story?

Laurent Brouat is a former business owner, and one day he decided to change paths and do something different. In January 2021, he launched the podcast “L’apprenti” - The Apprentice. One year later, thousands of people listened to it, for a reason: an innovative podcasting format. Yes, you guessed it, the fiction format.


  • Launching a fiction format podcast
  • Tools to produce a fiction format
  • The importance of sound design for an immersive narration
  • Learning how to set your voice when you are not a voice actor
  • How to engage your audience with entrepreneurial stories


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