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The Future of Audio - Krish Velkar, Ogilvy

Krish Velkar, planner at Ogilvy, shares his thoughts on Voice Assistants and the use of audio content in successful marketing strategies.

Krish Velkar graduated with a double master’s degree in marketing and is currently working at Ogilvy, Mumbai as a Planner.
He is fascinated by emerging technology and shares his thoughts on Voice Assistants, such as Alexa, and their role in the future of audio content marketing.
We also cover the role of audio content in successful marketing strategies and Krish shares the features he would add to smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. Krish shares his views on the future of audio content and compares audio to video, which is currently dominating the social media world.


  • Audio content is interesting because it does not have a face. Anyone can talk about anything and we wouldn’t judge them based on their appearance but on their views and opinions.  
  • Clubhouse is facing a lot of competition, it being an emerging app that is exclusive for iOS users. There is a possibility that the next form of social media will be based on audio.
  • Audio is a more natural way of communicating rather than typing.
  • Voice Assistants are the future of e-commerce.

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