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🇨🇦 The S Factor: S Standing for Success - Tarek Hossain

Tarek Hossain knows his audience and their needs, and that’s important for helping him stay focused on his content topics and questions!

Tarek Hossain is a talent, small business and startup consultant. He has a youtube channel called “The S Factor”, with over 2k subscribers. In his video podcasts, he interviews business owners and experts. However, he ended up doing those interviews by mistake where he started uploading videos online about interview coaching and got monetized! From there, he wanted to continue by doing something different…  

From doing coaching videos alone, to interviewing successful business owners, Tarek found satisfaction from learning from his guests’ stories and sharing them with his audience. He knows his audience and their needs, and that’s important! 

He does all the pre-production by himself, he usually picks the guests, does some research and schedules a pre-interview call on zoom. Check out all his content planning and question writing to see how he does it before he edits and publishes. 

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