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🇳🇿 To Be an Inspiring Podcaster You Should Listen to One - Sam Elton-Walters

Sam Elton-Walters, a giant pumpkin grower and an inspiring podcaster, is all about randomness, creative ideas, and conversations.

Sam Elton-Walters, from New Zealand, is a giant pumpkin grower and an inspiring podcaster! If you’re wondering what he’s wearing, “well it’s a giant pumpkin, of course. You should try it sometime. Maybe not a pumpkin vest. But working on your random idea”. Well, if this powerful message from Sam isn’t enough, then what is?!

Sam’s podcast “The Chris and Sam Podcast” has over 400 episodes released since 2014. It’s about randomness, technology and life, with a format of 30 minutes. With time, he managed to get better behind the mic and better with conversations. Hats off to this consistency!

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