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Why Newsletters Are Important for Podcasts - Arielle Nissenblatt, SquadCast

Arielle Nissenblatt will tell us how and why podcasters should look into newsletters in order to gain an engaged audience.

Arielle Nissenblatt is a newsletter expert and SquadCast’s community manager. SquadCast is a user-friendly web application that provides excellent audio quality for remote recording. As a community manager, Arielle has a lot of responsibilities that directly relate to SquadCast’s image to its customers, as well as to its employees. 

Creating and maintaining a community is a very important and interactive job that every business prioritizes. Podcasters should also look into this process in order to gain a loyal and engaged audience.



  • Importance of a community manager
  • Social media and an engaged audience
  • How to find new shows through newsletters
  • Curators and writers: the press of the podcast space
  • Newsletter worry: being sent to spam or be reported
  • How to keep your subscribers interested in your newsletter content
  • Best newsletters to subscribe to in the podcast space
  • Difference between newsletters and promotional emails

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