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Fast and Scalable: How Sounds Profitable Interviewed Dozens of Companies in No Time

Discover how Sounds Profitable, the leading source of podcast advertising news, interviewed dozens of companies in the podcast industry in just a few days.


Catching up quickly

There are more than 500,000 active podcasts today and as a new podcast creator or business, it’s easy to get lost in this vast space. Where do you even start as a newcomer? As someone who has been in this industry for over 7 years, Bryan Barletta addressed this issue with his newsletter and podcast, Sounds Profitable.

With no more than 5 minute episodes with companies across the industry, Bryan wanted to make sure that anyone new could have help in catching up quickly. People would have clear and concise content to listen to and they could review it before hopping on a call with a prospective client or vendor.

It sounds nice on paper, but how do you manage to get so many companies to create a useful podcast for the rookies in a short time?


A massive amount of short content  

Bryan interviews companies from the podcast industry and figures out who the companies are and what they actually do. Every company answers 5 direct questions.  

  •       What does your company do?
  •       Who does it serve?
  •       Why do people need what you do?
  •       Why do you do it?
  •       What makes your offering better than your competitors (without putting them down)?

To make it more accessible to anyone and without wasting anyone’s time, the answers are brief and right to the point. But making it simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The problem was twofold:

1)  Get a lot of companies to submit audio recordings.

2)  Make it easy for them to do it (otherwise they won’t bother submitting their responses).

Bryan tried to interview 500 companies using Zoom calls at the beginning, but soon realized it was far too much work. Finding time to record on the company’s busy schedule, then having to reschedule some of them, was just too much for a 5-minute interview! 

Therefore, to contact and follow up on all these different companies Bryan needed to work asynchronously. Not in real-time, in other words. Even if he had somehow been able to get 2 firms a day to record their answers, which would be amazing in itself, it would take him 250 business days to reach his goal of having 500 companies on his podcast. 


Make it asynchronous

By working asynchronously, companies could record their answers in their own time, getting rid of all scheduling hassles, while Bryan would work on editing other recordings in the meantime. Without the pressure of live recording, companies could craft their answers more carefully, submitting cleaner audio, thus reducing Bryan’s editing time.

In this context, Rumble Studio proved to be the perfect tool for Bryan’s needs. Our online audio creation platform allows users and interview guests to record their answers in their own time and have the content ready in less than an hour. In a single platform, you would have the tools necessary to invite guests automatically, record their answers at their own pace, and edit and host the audio faster than any other platform (if you can find one!).

Bryan would send public invites to all the companies at once and have them record their answers without the need to schedule time with him. After each company had answered the same 5 questions, he would simply export the files from our platform, edit them with ease, and schedule them for launch on his podcast hosting platform in no time. He would have well-thought-out answers that, thanks to this asynchronous recording method, required minimum editing, and would consistently launch episodes every Tuesday.  

Getting results

Rumble Studio helped Bryan to provide an overview of all the companies participating in the podcast industry, and grow his PodScape podcast. This podcast allowed newcomers to the industry (creators and companies) to onboard into the space more quickly, and access the company’s basic information before meeting them directly. You can listen to all the episodes Bryan created for free.

What might have taken him hours to assemble per company was reduced to fractions of an hour, thanks to Rumble Studio’s end-to-end online tool.


Upgrades with our clients’ feedback

Working with Bryan helped us improve on our side as well. Thanks to his valuable input, we changed the guest experience interface to meet his and many other clients’ needs. We now have two additional features:

-        Branding kits: users can now create one or more branding kits for themselves or their clients, improving their user experience on the platform. In addition, users can customize the guest interview experience with logos, color schemes, fonts, layouts, and much more.

-        White labeling: to create a fully branded experience, users can now remove the Rumble Studio logo from the guest’s interviews.

Working with Bryan so closely made us aware of some much-needed upgrades to our platform. The only way to ensure our users a better experience with our tool is to listen to their needs and do their very best to meet them. If we aren’t adding value, we wouldn’t be doing our job.

Bryan achieved this massive endeavor by changing his strategy and getting us onboard. So now we turn to you: any similar projects or audio-related ideas you’d like to discuss with us? We would be happy to help! Book a free 30-minute strategy call with our team

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