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🇺🇸 Be Actively Listening to Your Guest’s Answers - Matt Gilhooly

It is important to actively listen to what the guest has to say and try to respond in a respectful and honest way.

Matt Gilhooly, from Orlando Florida, is a podcast host, a graduate student at the University of Florida, and a teacher at a local university in the business programs. He has a podcast called The Life Shift Podcast, and has candid conversations with people about the pivotal moments that changed lives forever trying to find a way to build communities. 

His show is an interview-style podcast. However, after the second episode, he got rid of the interview questions that he originally created since he wasn't paying enough attention to what the guest was saying. He was simply just waiting for my opportunity to ask the next question. So now as he goes through the episodes with his guests, he is actively listening to what they have to say and trying to respond in a respectful and honest way.

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