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Powerful Podcasting Stories

🇺🇸 Why Did You Start Your Podcast? - Paul Vato

Paul Vato started his podcast in order to reconnect with his actor friends hoping one day he will get a big acting role!

Powerful Podcasting Stories

🇦🇱 How To Reach Big-Name Guests - Eris Lazri

Eris Lazri shares his methods in how he reaches big-name guests, from friends and connections, to cold emailing, to going to events, to platforms…

Audio Leads Podcast

Audio Branding: How and Why - Part 1 - Jodi Krangle

Jodi Krangle will tell us how she decided to launch her podcast and why she wanted to tell the world about the importance of sound in our lives.

Audio Leads Podcast

The Future of Audio - Krish Velkar, Ogilvy

Krish Velkar, planner at Ogilvy, shares his thoughts on Voice Assistants and the use of audio content in successful marketing strategies.

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